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replace value

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i want to replace smaller numbers into large number and i can't do it with one string replace or i need to stack it up but that is not so economic

so i need a better func for it

;input = test 2
StringReplace(StringReplace("test 2", "2","1"), " ","-") ;Output = test-1

when i create a input text i want to put it in a generator so that i get a output that i want some examples below:

input = "5k" -> i want to see a output of: 5000

and some more examples:

5k -> 5000

1k -> 1000

2,2k -> 2200

1m -> 1000000

and i also like to convert it backwords

5000 -> 5k

1000 -> 1k

2200 -> 2,2k


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Completely define the sets of:

  1. measurements
  2. symbols equating to those measurements


Then it should not be too hard to put something together.


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Found it my self:


Msgbox(64,"input", "input: " & $number)
If StringRegExp($number,"k") Then
    $R = StringReplace(StringReplace(StringReplace($number, ",","."), " ",""), "k","")*1000
ElseIf StringRegExp($number,"m") Then
    $R = StringReplace(StringReplace(StringReplace($number, ",","."), " ",""), "m","")*1000000
    $R = StringReplace($number, ",",".")
Msgbox(64,"output", "output: " & $R)
; -> From small to large numbers

Msgbox(64,"input", "input: " & $number)
If ($number > 9999 And $number < 999999) Then
    $R = $number/1000 & "k"
ElseIf $number > 999999 Then
    $R = $number/1000000 & "m"
    $R = $number
Msgbox(64,"output", "output: " & $R)
; -> From large to smaller numbers
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