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Help translating powershell script to auto wmi Get-WmiObject

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Hello, I'm beginner with Autoit, pls could you help me translating this powershell code to autoit.

        $DPGroupQuery = Get-WmiObject -Namespace "Root\SMS\Site_$SiteCode" -Class SMS_DistributionPointGroup -ComputerName $SiteServer `
        -ErrorAction STOP -Filter "Name='$DPGroup'"

I've tried with

$objWMI = ObjGet("winmgmts:\\"&$sccm_server_cm12&"\root\SMS\"&$sccmsiteid_cm12&"")
$objItems = $objWMI.ExecQuery("Select * From SMS_DistributionPointGroup WHERE name='" & $dpgroup & "'")

 If IsObj($objItems) Then

For $dpgroup In $objItems



Consolewrite works properly showing the name of the group, but the action to remove package from dp end with an COM error.

Thanks a lot.

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