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Print pdf's and then move to another folder

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I am very new to autoit, and have limited time atm. 

I am looking for a way to automatically print pdf's stored in a folder from an FTP-client. After the file is printed, it should be moved to a subfolder "archive".

I am sure this can be achieved with autoit. I would like to do it myself, but I haven't time atm, so I ask for help.

I am sure I can contribute to the forum in the future, when learning more about autoit.

Hoping for your expertise help!


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Perminator, first off welcome to the forum. Secondly, we get that you may be in a rush, but this forum operates on the "Teach a man to fish" model. We help others with their own scripts, rather than having people put in an "urgent" request and someone barfs up code for you.

We can certainly assist you with your problem by pointing you in the right direction. Something like this should get you started. It is up to you to loop through your folder and then move the files. Look at _FileListToArray and FileMove in the help file.

$oShell = ObjCreate("Shell.Application")
$sFullPath = @DesktopDir
$sFile = "Proof.pdf"
If FileExists($sFullPath) Then
   $oFolder = $oShell.Namespace($sFullPath)
   $oItem = $oFolder.ParseName($sFile)
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Thanks JLogan, that's all I ask for.

I know how to code, I just dont know what functions there are and where to find them.

Now I know the direction, thanks!

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