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IE 11

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Hello everyone,

I just had to upgrade to IE 11 from 8 and now almost none of my scripts are working. 

Can any one show me where to start looking for info about new IE.

I mostly need a automated way to make it save as.

Thanks in advance

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I also had trouble with my IE automation scripts after an update (dont remember which versions they were), but after some debugging i quickly found my problem. the window titles changed from "Example Website Name - Windows Internet Explorer" to "Example Website Name - Internet Explorer".

Hopefully your problem is this simple to fix also.


if @error Then
	MsgBox(262192,"",@ComputerName&" slaps "&@UserName&" around a bit with a large trout!")

>Exit code: 0

REAL search results

"Yeah yeah patience, how long will that take?"  -Ed Gruberman

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