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Can anyone convert this vb.net code to autoit

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I want two snippets of vb.net code converted to autoit.Please help.

The two snippets are:

Dim fs AsFileSystemSecurity = File.GetAccessControl(txtbxBrowseFolderName.Text)

fs.AddAccessRule(NewFileSystemAccessRule(Environment.UserName, FileSystemRights.FullControl, AccessControlType.Deny))

File.SetAccessControl(txtbxBrowseFolderName.Text, fs)
Dim fs AsFileSystemSecurity = File.GetAccessControl(txtbxBrowseFolderName.Text)

fs.RemoveAccessRule(NewFileSystemAccessRule(Environment.UserName, FileSystemRights.FullControl, AccessControlType.Deny))

File.SetAccessControl(txtbxBrowseFolderName.Text, fs)
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Reddragon, you explain very clearly what you want, but don't show what you have tried on your own. This forum is dedicated to helping people with their own scripts; it is not a place where you put in a request and someone barfs up code for you. Since you don't seem to be familiar with the vb code, I would suggest starting simply with icacls. Something like this should get you started; Google icacls for more information:

$sFile = @DesktopDir & "\PCs.txt"
    ShellExecute("icacls", $sFile & " /grant Administrator:(D,WDAC)")

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