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Saving Web Page to INI file

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So I have a web page on my domain that is formatted exactly like an .ini file.  When the webpage is opened, it looks like:







This is all done in plain text, by the way

I want to take this list and basically save it locally to an ini file.  The reason for this is because I have users filling out an online form which get sent to this file.

Right now, I have this:

#include <Inet.au3>
local $getList, $src
$getList=InputBox ("Get the List", "BlahBlah", "http://domain/test/list.txt")
$src=_INetGetSource ($getList, True)
FileWrite ("test.ini", $src)

When I open the text file, the FileWrite command wrote the file as all one line, so it looks like:


How could I make this to format correctly?

Thanks for the help everyone!

EDIT:  I should add that when I view the variable $src in an msgbox, it formats correctly, only when i make a file does it format all in one line

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