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problem with variable

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hi  guy

i  have  a  program  big   in  a part  of  this    af  this   code 

For $i = 1 To $aDays[0] ; Loop through the array returned by StringSplit to display the individual values.
       ;MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "$aDays[" & $i & "] - " & $aDays[$i])

               if  $i >= '12' Then

                Local split_nomi =stringsplit($aDays[$i]," ")

               _GUICtrlListView_AddItem($idListview_down,  nomi_spe[2])
               _GUICtrlListView_AddSubItem($idListview_down, $k, $aDays[$i], 2)
               _GUICtrlListView_AddSubItem($idListview_down, $k, $aDays[$i], 3)
               _GUICtrlListView_AddSubItem($idListview_down, $k,$aDays[$i], 4)
               _GUICtrlListView_AddSubItem($idListview_down, $k, $aDays[$i], 5)

                $k = $k + 1

when  execute  the  code , return this  error

 No variable given for "Dim", "Local", "Global", "Struct" or "Const" statement.:
Local split_nomi  =stringsplit($aDays[$i]," ")
Local ^ ERROR
>Exit code: 1    Time: 1.437


why _????

thankz  for  help

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