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Using pipes in AutoIt. Like "|" in CMD files.

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Here is a simple solution for CMD piping.

; Example of piping in AutoIt

; define commands to pipe
$sCmd1 = "dir " & @SystemDir & "\*.*" ; display all files of system directory
$sCmd2 = "find /I "".exe""" ; select all EXE files
$sCmd3 = "find /I ""di""" ; select all files with 'di' as substring

; run commands concurrent
$iPID1 = Run(@ComSpec & " /C " & $sCmd1, "", @SW_HIDE, 9) ; $STDIN_CHILD(1) + $STDERR_MERGED(8)
$iPID2 = Run(@ComSpec & " /C " & $sCmd2, "", @SW_HIDE, 9) ; $STDIN_CHILD(1) + $STDERR_MERGED(8)
$iPID3 = Run(@ComSpec & " /C " & $sCmd3, "", @SW_HIDE, 9) ; $STDIN_CHILD(1) + $STDERR_MERGED(8)

; pipe output of first command as input to second command
While Sleep(10)
    $sTmp = StdoutRead($iPID1, False, True)
    If @error Then ExitLoop StdinWrite($iPID2)
    StdinWrite($iPID2, $sTmp)

; pipe output of second command as input to third command
While Sleep(10)
    $sTmp = StdoutRead($iPID2, False, True)
    If @error Then ExitLoop StdinWrite($iPID3)
    StdinWrite($iPID3, $sTmp)

; display output of third command
MsgBox(Default, Default, StdoutRead($iPID3), 0)

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