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suggest me an option to communicate between applications on different accounts

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I need comunicate an aplication running on local user with other application runing on local administrator.

My first option is use TCP/TCPSend/TCPReceive.
Works fine, until now... I have (and I will) user lock session and another start a new logon in the same machine, I have one application server runing on local administrator and two or more application runing on local user...

I know MessageHandler.au3 and like this, but does not work to talk between applications in diferents accounts.

There are another option to TCP for this situation?

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Easiest route...have a common dir...in that dir, add user dirs.  Have each session create files in their specific dir, with whatever your message is.  Have your base script loop for, and read those files, and do whatever is needed.

Or, just have them all output to one dir, as an ini|xml|etc, and logically set values to know where it's coming from, and what to do.

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I follow the @jdelaney's tip, and write this little code:

You need 4 files:
c) server.au3 server.au3
d) client.au3 client.au3
a) compile server.au3
b] run server.exe as service
    b.1) WIN+R
    b.2) cmd
    b.3) go to folder where the files are
    b.4) nssm.exe install aaa_service (or other name)
    b.5) nssm.exe start aaa_service
c) run client.au3 (compiled or not)
If you run client.au3 without server.exe is running?
Nothin is happend, you click on key and nothing is happend.
When server.exe is runing?
You click a button, the script read a handles's key, generate a Scripting.Dictionary, transform it in json and convert to binary, then... save at ini file.
The server read ini file, check if are something data, read it, transform from binary to string, the string convert to json, read a key handle, choose a random color and random time to block a key.
Take this Scripting.Dictionary, convert to json, convert to binary, and write ini file at user name in section 'received'.
The client read ini file, detect the data, read it, write your received as "".
The data is transformed from binary to string, the string to json (Scripting.Dictionary).
Colored the key and block it for some time.
Why convert the json in binary? Simple, because I use special characters. English is not my native language. I need encode this special characters. The easy way is use StringToBinary.
The choose color and time, is made by server.exe.
Client.exe take this data and execute.
Perfectly meets my need for a bidirectional communication between two or more applications using a ini file as commom way.
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