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Copying a whole folder and all its files to another computer

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Please help I know when I use the Fileinstall() function it will attach the file I am installing in the compiled script so it can be run on another computer. I am trying to create a install that will move an entire folder and all of its subfolders and files to a new computer. I have tried DirCopy but it only seems to work to move files from one drive to another. I need all of these files compiled into the script. Is there a function or method that can include these in a compiled script?

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Not sure, if I get your intention:

You want to write a script, that will *MOVE* a directory and all subfolders/-files from computer A to computer B?

Then you might want to have a look at the Microsoft Tool "ROBOCOY.EXE"

  • Get the tool (Google, newer windows versions include robocopy.exe), use fileinstall() for windows versions, that do not come with robocopy.exe
  • open a Windows CMD box
  • type "robocopy /???|more" <enter>
  • have a look at the options /mir and /move


Robocopy.exe Version "XP026" is the last one giving appropriate EXITCODEs after completing. Starting with the version that was shipped with "RobocopyGUI" the exitcode support was dropped, unfortunately.



Use the options /mir and /move very carefully. Robocopy is incredible fast in deleting file system objects!

And there won't be any questions like "Do you really ...?"


Regards, Rudi.

Edited by rudi

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