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How to set text cursor at the beginning of an Input control?


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Im currently struggling with setting the position of the text cursor to the beginning of an input control. The input control needs to be limited to only 15 characters, but when I apply that, the control focus function will instead highlight the text, rather then place the cursor at the beginning of the input.

If i apply the data directly to the input without the GUICtrlSetLimit, the cursor will be at the beginning of my input control when it gets focused, like so:

Global $inputName = GUICtrlCreateInput($regName, 110, 92, 362, 22)
GUICtrlSetFont($inputName, 10, 0, "", "", $DRAFT_QUALITY)
GUICtrlSetStyle($inputName, $ES_UPPERCASE)
ControlFocus("", "", $inputName)

How can I achieve this with GUICtrlSetLimit without the whole text getting highligted?


Thanks in advance

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You can use _GUICtrlEdit_SetSel with providing 'start' and 'end' the same value.

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