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i need help

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hi everybody =)

i'm Jooy, a newbie on this forum !
i come here to claim for your help. i started to learn to code with AutoIt few months ago.
Actually, i made a new script that should flag some points in strategic positions by pressing numpad keys.

example : i push on [1] and all points go up, i push on 2 they come all around yours...

so, i wrote some codes about it but i don't have enought knowings (? srry for my bad english, so lame sometimes :( ) to go further :/


i would like you :

-to tell me how this is supposed to be organized :/

-is this possible : 

; Run the GUI until the window is closed and track some distance
  While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    Global $Distance, $Agent
     Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
        Case $Agent = GetAgentByID(-1)
            $lMe = GetAgentByID(-2)

            $TargetX = DllStructGetData($Agent, 'X')
            $TargetY = DllStructGetData($Agent, 'Y')

            GUICtrlSetData($Distance, Floor(ComputeDistance(DllStructGetData($lMe, 'X'), DllStructGetData($lMe, 'Y'), $TargetX, $TargetY)))

;~ flag1
Func Flag1()
    if HotKeySet("{NUMPAD1}") Then
        CommandAll(($Distance + 100), ($Distance + 50))

i think there are some ugly misstakes in my code xD but please, help me, i was really enjoyed to make this and i want to complete it =)

thank you by advance, i love your website ;)

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jooy, you seem to have missed the forum rules on your way in, especially the part where game automation discussion is forbidden (mostly because it is lame). Please read them now - lower right corner of every page - and you'll see why you will get no assistance.

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Changing the post and deleting replies is normally a good sign that something is wrong.

Topic closed for the stated reason.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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