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Just trying to make a simple script if Notepad gets closed then the computer will restart, and it will keep checking every 5 secs if it's closed.

how would i go about that?


$var = ProcessExists(“notepad.exe”)
;Author = no17
$i = 0
If ProcessExists(“ProcessName”) = True Then
ElseIf ProcessExists(“ProcessName”) = False Then
ProcessClose(“ProcessName”) FileDelete(@TempDir)
$i = $i + 1
Until $i = 1


and this just not sure how to join these scripts?



should reboot it

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while 1
sleep(5000); 5 seconds
until not processexists("notepad.exe")

Edited by alienclone

if @error Then
	MsgBox(262192,"",@ComputerName&" slaps "&@UserName&" around a bit with a large trout!")

>Exit code: 0

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"Yeah yeah patience, how long will that take?"  -Ed Gruberman

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Use the AutoIt code tag (the blue A) on the bar above your text when typing to insert code, it makes it much easier to read.

; pseudo code
Global $gsz_Process = "notepad.exe"
Global $gn_PID = 0
While 1
    $gn_PID = ProcessExists($gsz_Process)
    If $gn_PID Then
        Sleep(5000); wait your 5 seconds
        ; whatever other code you want to do, eg. ShutDown()
    Sleep(250); CPU rest from loop

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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