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upload my files by using builtin upload window

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i wanted to upload my files what i creat with my programs, mainly log files

i tried i make a simple upload file form, make an event on fileselect button, i get the window where i can select which file i would like to upload, BUT

while i not select any , script run pauses. after i selected and pressd "select" the program runs! how it possible autoit pause when i get an uploadfile dialog?

how can i do it more easy?

i know the filenames and path, so i dont need really that dialog but i could not find better way for upload.. anyone??:D

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n o there is no ftp, only a most easi format fule upload multipart form. when you click "set file" and you get a dialog box for select a file. i wanted to automate this! but if i make click event on BROWSE button(to get dialog box and be avble to set a file) main program pauses

i cracked it, i made a little outern exe which wait for that popup dialog and insert needed file to upload( because i know what do i want to upload) and it send enter, so my main program can run continue after this.. and my outern exe ends after put filename..

if there is no any i can do this only.. but it works

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