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I have a keyboard with no euro sign

So i want to assign keys for it and use '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> so i can use those char at let say word,....

#Include <HotKey.au3>
Global Const $VK_ESCAPE = 0x1B
Global Const $VK_F12 = 0x7B

; Assign "F12" with Message() and set extended function call
_HotKey_Assign($VK_F12, 'Message', BitOR($HK_FLAG_DEFAULT, $HK_FLAG_EXTENDEDCALL))

; Assign "CTRL-ESC" with Quit()
_HotKey_Assign(BitOR($CK_CONTROL, $VK_ESCAPE), 'Quit')

While 1

Func Message($iKey)
    $x = Chr(128) ; euro teken
Send("{" & $x & " 4}")
EndFunc   ;==>Message

Func Quit()
 EndFunc   ;==>Quit

I see the euro sign at the console from scite but it don't display at the editor screen

If i use the char 65 the the A is written 4 times at the editor screen.

Why don't the euro char don't work?

Thank you

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