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I've got a little problem to which there is a solution i know alot of you take for granted.

I want to make a GUI with checkboxes but ran into a small problem that i THINK can be solved by making an array of some kind... i'm really bad with arrays and hope to be able to studdy the result from whoever help me with this...

So lets say i have a gui and want to add 10 checkboxes to it. Now, with 10 checkboxes there is a possible combination of 10^10 combinations right? (correct me if i'm wrong, was never good at math either ;) ). If checkbox nr 3 and 5 are checked i need the script to give me a variable with 8. If 3, 5 and 8 are checked i need the variable to return 16.

Instead of typeing out all the different possible combinations with lots of "IFs" i'm hopeing this can be solved with an array?

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Might want to look at this post http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...841entry71841

you would just have to add $i if the statement is true, meaning

if $CheckBox[$i] is checked add $i to variable

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