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Latest Firefox clicks not working in FF.au3 mozrepl

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Hi, I'm wondering if someone else faces this issue, or did I something wrong?

I'm using FF.au3 for some time quite well but problems started with Firefox v21. Even newer versions didn't work for me in some cases. So I stuck with FF v19. For different reasons I want to go to more recent version of firefox. But using all later versions seem to be incompatible. Reading values with xpath work quite well but not clicking on objects.

I found out same versions autoit/FF.au3/mozrepl and same script result in different responses from different Firefox:

Working sample FF v19

$sObj = ".//*[@id='memoryContent']/div[4]/div[3]/div/a[1]/img"
__FFSend: FFau3.xpath=null;try{FFau3.xpath=FFau3.WCD.evaluate(".//*[@id='memoryContent']/div[4]/div[3]/div/a[1]/img",FFau3.WCD,null,XPathResult.FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE,null).singleNodeValue;}catch(e){'_FFXPath_Error: '+e;};
__FFRecv: [object HTMLImageElement] - {querySelector: function() {...}, querySelectorAll: function() {...}, addEventListener: function() {...}, removeEventListener: function() {...}, dispatchEvent: function() {...}, style: {...}, src: "http..blabla-removed../images/card_back.jpg", ...}
__FFSend: try{FFau3.simulateEvent(FFau3.xpath,'MouseEvents','click');}catch(e){'_FFCmd_Err';};
__FFRecv: 1

Now same script running on FF v33 results in

_FFConnect: OS:    WIN_7 WIN32_NT 7601 Service Pack 1
_FFConnect: AutoIt:
_FFConnect: FF.au3:
_FFConnect: IP:
_FFConnect: Port:    4242
_FFConnect: Delay:     2ms
_FFConnect: Socket:     512
_FFConnect: Browser:    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:33.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/33.0
__FFSend: FFau3.xpath=null;try{FFau3.xpath=FFau3.WCD.evaluate(".//*[@id='memoryContent']/div[4]/div[3]/div/a[1]/img",FFau3.WCD,null,XPathResult.FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE,null).singleNodeValue;}catch(e){'_FFXPath_Error: '+e;};
__FFRecv: [object HTMLImageElement] - {alt: "", src: "http...blabla-removed.../images/card_back.jpg", crossOrigin: "", useMap: "", isMap: false, width: 130, height: 130, ...}
__FFSend: try{FFau3.simulateEvent(FFau3.xpath,'MouseEvents','click');}catch(e){e;};
__FFRecv: -3
_FFClick ==> No match: $sElement: FFau3.xpath

It doesn't find the element - why? Viewing the__FFRecv results from mozrepl 1.1.2 these are different.

Would be fine if anyone could help.

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Thanx Dan for your suggestion. I already tried your 'b14' without any change in result. Simple XPath objects are no problem. For me not working things are objects with events (i.e. js) attached. I try to find an example page so you can see whats the problem.

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I made a little example to show the differences. In Firefox v19 (maybe v21) this runs ok, but in v31 (or v33) even the first click on id 'turtle' results in 1 but nothing gets clicked. Would be fine if you could help!

#include <FF.au3>

_ffconnect("", 4242)
Sleep(5000) ; give page some time to finish loading
$nFrames = _FFGetLength("frames") ; count frames
ConsoleWrite("*** Frames:" & $nFrames & @CRLF) ; just for info

; following fails in Firefox > v21
_ffclick(_ffxpath("//*[@id='turtle']/div/img", "", 9)) ; choose first layout 'turtle'

    $nFreetiles = Number( _FFXPath(".//*[@class='tile']", "", 10)) ; count free tiles
Until $nFreetiles > 0 ; takes some time to load so wait for tiles
ConsoleWrite("*** Free tiles:" & $nFreetiles & @CRLF) ; just for info

Sleep(5000) ; show tiles before selecting one for demonstration
$oEvent = _ffxpath(".//*[@class='tile'][position()=1]", "", 9)
$res = _ffdispatchevent($oEvent, "mousedown") ; 'click' first tile
; this will show a light green frame on first free tile (often first tile in first row, upper left corner)
MsgBox(0, "Result of tile click", $res)
Edited by benlein

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Not shure why, but this works ;) Can you help me with next step selecting a tile this way?

Where can I find the syntax provided by "_FFCmd("FFau3.xpath.."?

I think the tiles require a 'mousedown' event.

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_FFXpath stores it's result in FFau3.xpath. The _FFCmd function is used to call the click method of the element found with _FFXpath.

You may want to take a look at _FFDisPatchEvent, which is supposed to support mouse events.

P.S. Are you really trying to automate a mahjong game? What's the goal here?

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Ok first item can be clicked now (turtle) but I'm still unable to click the tiles :( Did you try to let AU click a tile in actual Firefox version?

I did it with _FFDisPatchEvent which works in old version (see code above).

Its just an example page to explain my difficulties ;)

Edited by benlein

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Looks like it's a >context issue. You can modify FF.au3 by changing

_FFCmd('FFau3.simulateEvent=function simulateEvent(a,b,c){try{var d=document.createEvent(b);switch(b){case"MouseEvents":d.initMouseEvent(c,true,true,window,0,0,0,simulateEvent.arguments[4],simulateEvent.arguments[5],false,false,false,false,0,null);break;case"KeyboardEvent":d.initKeyEvent(c,true,true,null,false,false,false,false,simulateEvent.arguments[3],0);break;case"Event":d.initEvent(c,true,true);break}a.dispatchEvent(d);return 1}catch(e){return-3}return 0};')


_FFCmd('FFau3.simulateEvent=function simulateEvent(a,b,c){try{var d=FFau3.WCD.createEvent(b);switch(b){case"MouseEvents":d.initMouseEvent(c,true,true,window,0,0,0,simulateEvent.arguments[4],simulateEvent.arguments[5],false,false,false,false,0,null);break;case"KeyboardEvent":d.initKeyEvent(c,true,true,null,false,false,false,false,simulateEvent.arguments[3],0);break;case"Event":d.initEvent(c,true,true);break}a.dispatchEvent(d);return 1}catch(e){return-3}return 0};')

However, I haven't tested this and it may have a negative impact on other code.

The alternative is to manually execute the desired code using _FFCmd:

_ffxpath(".//*[@class='tile'][position()=1]", "", 9)

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Now  it works, thank you very much! I'll keep an eye on it, maybe create a second func in my udf in case I need old command.

Great support :thumbsup:

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