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Help concerning mouse coordinates in screen


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 Hello, first I have to say im grateful for this program ive been using it for years now.


I'm having a problem with getting mouse coordinates.

I use the AutoIt v3 Window info to get mouse coordinates in a chrome website.

Now I want to get the coordinates of the screen (1920,1080) but the window info gives me the coordinates of the chrome region, so its not 1080.

I dont know how to change it to make it look at the 1920 1080 screen and Ive tried in option to change coord mode to Screen but it still doesnt seem to work and focus on the window.

Here's a picture


You see the line there? It focus the inner window of chrome but I want it to focus on whole monitor screen... It used to work just fine a while ago.. but I just installed autoit again and it doesnt seem to do it :(.


Thank you for your time !

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Hi thanks for your reply.

The AutoIt v3 window info shows the coordinates of the window that I am in...

the problem is it doesn't focus the WHOLE screen which is 1920 1080 and only focus on chrome which is 1920 955...

I want it to focus on the whole screen to get the right coordinate... 

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