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Multidimensional Array assign

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I'm having trouble with this and I'm not sure why, I am reorganizing an array based on name and level alphabetically. Pardon all my msgboxes and arraydisplays, just me trying to figure it out.

It wont let me assign $newLowTemp = $aPlannedArray[$i], $i at the time it crashes is 6, the array itself has far more than 6, it ranges from 0 to 205 and can be seen with the above _ArrayDisplay($aPlannedArray, "")

Am I just not allowed to assign the first half of a multidimensional array? $aPlannedArray[$i] instead of $aPlannedArray[$i][somethingelse]

Func PlanAlph($min, $max)
   MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "",$min + 1&"  "&$max + 1)
   MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "",$aPlannedArray[6][$dtNAME])
   _ArrayDisplay($aPlannedArray, "")
   For $i = $min + 1 To $max
      For $j = $min To $i
         If StringCompare($aPlannedArray[$i][$dtNAME] & String($aPlannedArray[$i][$dtLVL]), $aPlannedArray[$j][$dtNAME] & String($aPlannedArray[$i][$dtLVL])) < 0 Then
               MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "",$i)
            _ArrayDisplay($aPlannedArray[6], "")
            Local $newLowTemp[4]
            $newLowTemp = $aPlannedArray[$i]
            $newLowTemp[$dtSLOT] = $aPlannedArray[$j][$dtSLOT]
            For $n = $aPlannedArray[$i] To $aPlannedArray[$j] + 1 step -1
               $aPlannedArray[$n][$dtSLOT] += 1
               $aPlannedArray[$n] = $aPlannedArray[$n - 1]
            $aPlannedArray[$j] = $newLowTemp

Here is where I defined it

Global $aGameArray[$dTOTALNODES + 1][$dNODEATTRIBUTES]
Global $aPlannedArray[$dTOTALNODES + 1][4]
Global $numNodes = 0
For $i = 0 To $dTOTALNODES
   $aPlannedArray[$i][$dtSLOT]      = $i
   $aPlannedArray[$i][$dtID]        = $i
   $aPlannedArray[$i][$dtNAME]      = "Empty"
   $aPlannedArray[$i][$dtLVL]       = False

   $aGameArray[$i][$dID]            = $i
   $aGameArray[$i][$dSLOT]          = $i
   $aGameArray[$i][$dTYPE]          = False
   $aGameArray[$i][$dNAME]          = "Empty"
   $aGameArray[$i][$dAFFIX]         = False
   $aGameArray[$i][$dTAGS]          = False
   $aGameArray[$i][$dILEVEL]        = False
   $aGameArray[$i][$dHSTAT]         = False
   $aGameArray[$i][$dDESCRIPTION]   = False
   $aGameArray[$i][$dTARGSLOT]      = False

Thanks for any help sorry if I am missing something basic


I should probably include the error message, 

$newLowTemp = $aPlannedArray[$i]

$newLowTemp = ^ ERROR

Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded

I know this usually means it either isn't an array or isn't large enough but it is an array and it is large enough..

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ell I got it working, not sure why you can't assign it that way but I had to do it all one at a time.

It wasn't the $i that it didn't like it was the fact that I was assigning a [4] array to another [4] array... or something?

Local $newLowTemp[4] = [ $aPlannedArray[$j][$dtSLOT], $aPlannedArray[$i][$dtID], $aPlannedArray[$i][$dtNAME], $aPlannedArray[$i][$dtLVL] ]
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