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[Help ImageSearch] Negate 1 color to match on screen

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Hello folks,

I'm currently using imageSearch library on my project and it's working great.

I'm just having some problems on some images that have some transparent areas. I heard there is a function in ahk where we can specify a color within the image that will match any color on the screen and I was wondering if there is a same function in autoit imagesearch library.

If someone has used it already, can you please provide just a quick sample of the function?

Thank You and more power to you guys! :)

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I think


Is the function your looking for, as imagesearch is used for searching images on the screen, not a single color on that screen.

By clicking on the pixelsearch function in that box it should take you to the helpfile, which has an example.

PS. Welcome to the AutoIt forum Zaxel! :)

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