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Tile windows with the same title

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I'm tring to arrange the windows to play more comfortably with more poker tables opened.

It works but when two tables have the exact same title it doesn' arrange some, or two tables are overlapped.

So I've tried to use WinGetHandle to differenciate between them but I'm still missing something, can someone help me please?

Func Arrange()
      $var = WinList()
      local $x=0
      local $y=-10
      local $Nwindows=0
      For $i = 1 to $var[0][0]
         $result1 = StringInStr($var[$i][0], $title)

         if ($result1 > 0) Then
            if $Nwindows=3 Then
            $handle = WinGetHandle($var[$i][0])
            WinMove($handle, "",$x,$y,640,480)
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