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How to add a loop and a loop stopper to this?

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I don't really understand what kind if loop you want, but hopefully I can help a little.

I would do something like this

Local $1 = 1
While $1 = 1
MouseClick ( "left" , 658,123, 2)
sleep (1500)
MouseClick ( "left" , 654,437)
;and here to tie it to something when you want to stop it, like If something then $i = $i + 1 so it would "break away" from  the while loop

Hope this helps

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@SorryButI'maNewbie - You should have included the ExitLoop command in that example, but I would first like to hear more from the OP, about what this clicking is for, as we need to determine what would be the possible signal for exiting the loop. A counter on its own would not be enough, unless it is purely time/click number based.

Before we offer anymore, let's wait for an expanded description from OP.

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