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Profile Backup

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Hi Guys,

New to the scripting scene so bare with me here, I am having some torubles with my script. I found a script that copies a folder from source to destination that shows a progress bar on the forums here. The sole purpose of the script is to create an incremental backup of users profile to a server.

Now I have set the source folder to the profile directory on a win7 machine, @UserProfileDir should be sufficeient for this? Once i run the script it doesnt copy a single file and displays no errors. I understand not all files will be copied due to locked/in use files but that is okay.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I have attached the script below

$origdirect = @UserProfileDir
$copydirect = "C:\temp\test"

;DriveMapAdd ("X:","\\test\temp")

If FileExists ($copydirect) then
   If msgbox(1, "Confirmation", "The directory already exists. Are you sure you want to replace it?") = 2 Then Exit
   CopyFolder($origdirect, $copydirect)
   If msgbox(1, "Confirmation", "The specified directory doesnt exist. Would you like to create it?") = 1 then
         DirCreate ($copydirect)
         CopyFolder($origdirect, $copydirect)

Func CopyFolder($Folder1, $Folder2)
   Local $ProcID
   $ProcID = Run(@ComSpec & ' /c xcopy /e /h /r /y /i /d "' & $Folder1 & '" "' & $Folder2 & '"', "", @SW_HIDE)

   ProgressOn("Progress Meter", "")

   $origfilesize = DirGetSize($Folder1)

      $copyfilesize = DirGetSize($Folder2)

      $MB = dirGetSize($Folder2) / 1024 / 1024

      $percent = $copyfilesize / $origfilesize * 100

      $decimalplace = Round ($percent)
      $decimalplaceMB = Round ($MB)

      ProgressSet ($percent, $decimalplace  & " % " & "(" & _
         $decimalplaceMB & ") Mb has been copied.")

   Until NOT ProcessExists($ProcID)

   ProgressOff ()

   $copyfilesize = DirGetSize($Folder2)

   If $origfilesize = $copyfilesize then
      Msgbox(0,"Complete", "All files and folders have been copied successfully.")
      Msgbox(0,"Error", "1 or more of the files/folders did not copy correctly.")



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#2 ·  Posted (edited)

Hi Geomor and welcome to the forums,

This may be due to the way xcopy works in batch script.

EDIT: Further info. The "*.*" symbols in batch script are wildcards that basically mean any filename (the first asterisk) . any file extension (the second).

Try changing your run command to the following, and see how that works for you:

$ProcID = Run(@ComSpec & ' /c xcopy /e /h /r /y /i /d "' & $Folder1 & '\*.*" "' & $Folder2 & '"', "", @SW_HIDE)

- Javi

Edited by javiwhite

give a man an application, and he'll be frustrated for the day, Teach him how to program applications and he'll be frustrated for a lifetime.

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