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Problems to adopt scripts from selenium

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I am new to AutoIt, it took me only couple of hours to adopt alot of my test scripts from selenium. Thank you Stilgar youre a machine very nice support.

I have searched a long time but could not find a thread where someone describes how to set values ($sText) to forms with xpath.

here is my code where i am stuck on setting the $sText variable to the username box. than two more boxes and a _FFClick to submit the form.

I know from selenium that it runs with xpath but i could not get it to run in ff.au3

Here is the code

#Include <Array.au3>
#Include <FF.au3>

     If _FFIsConnected() Then
   $sText = _FFXPath("//table[@id='Tabelle1']/tbody/tr[2]/td[3]/p/b", "textContent", 9)
      _FFOpenURL ("http://639650.xobor.com/anmeldung.php")

Thanks for help have a nice day


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