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How to Unzip and open file

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I found this >zip.au3 , so i want to ask if that script support for password protected zip?

For example, here i have test.zip with 12345 as password , inside that contain test.txt

So how do i script it to unzip protected test.zip to %systemdrive% and open test.txt after finished unzip ?

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Okay, so i decided to create it without autoit

How do i script autoit to open zip and enter the password?

Here is example of my file

box.zip - inside  > box.exe - inside > after enter password it will extract box.jpg to system drive.

i try to script auto open and enter password, because i don't want anybody to know the password.


Run ("Box.exe")

Global $App = "Enter password"

ControlSend($App, "", "Edit1", "{test}")
i try to use this, but doesn't do anything after open the file.
Edit : Lack administrator, problem solved  :thumbsup:


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