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Elusive handle

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I try to make a simple script, where a function is going to exit from a program

I tried to get it fone with wingetprocess and processclose, but it gave back -1 so I tried to get the win handle and use that to get the process, it returns: 0x0000000 (+/- a few 0) which implies that it found the window. However If he found the window, he should return the handle, and I'm not sure if 0x0000000 is a handle

My code, I used for debugging:

Func UD_uszi_kilepes()
    Local $UD_usziGUIHandle
    Local $UD_usziPID
    $UD_usziGUIHandle = WinGetHandle("UD Üszi - verzió")
    MsgBox(0, "Flag", $UD_usziGUIHandle) ;0x00000000
    $UD_usziPID = WinGetProcess($UD_usziGUIHandle)
    MsgBox(0, "Flag", "Lefutok papa!" & $UD_usziPID &"") ;Daddy, I run! -1
    $UD_uszi_kilepesRun = False ;Flag that runs the operation when true, I change it with a button to true, and check for it in the idle loop. Also its global and declered false at the beginning of the code
EndFunc   ;==>UD_uszi_kilepes

it doesnt find the window with WinExists("UD Üszi - verzió : 3.0.1") (I want to avoid version number), and couldn't use WinKill neither.

Anyidea, why I can't find the window/process?

Thank you for your insight!

Edit: tried with TUDUsziMainForm (Class of the window)

(attached a png of the au3 info tool about the window)


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Hello again!

I was able to found an older >thread where Master Monamo wrote a script to a guy to list all window handle to an array! Well If you read it Mr Monamo, then thank you! My debugger MsgBox showed a reutrn value of 1 instead of 0.

I'm gonna try it in my original script, but I'm pretty sure that it will work! (edit: it worked)

(Now my question is, how come that WinList shows a different title, then the AU3 info? just to educate myself)

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