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SRER Not Returning Expected Results

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I'm trying to populate $title with whatever is on the line containing "#title#".

These tries are blanking out everything preceding #title# on that line and returning all other lines.

#include <array.au3>

;#title#          the title of this code

local $str = fileread(@ScriptFullPath)

;local $title = stringregexpreplace($str,'(?i).*?\#title\#(.+).*', '$1')
;local $title = stringregexpreplace($str,'(?im).*?\#title\#(.+).*', '$1')
;local $title = stringregexpreplace($str,'(?im)^.*?\#title\#(.+).*$', '$1')
;local $title = stringregexpreplace($str,'(?im)^.*?\#title\#(.+\R).*$', '$1')
local $title = stringregexpreplace($str,'(?im)\#title\#(.+)', '$1')

ConsoleWrite(@error & ' - ' & @extended & ' - ' & $title & @CRLF)



How can I return whatever follows #title# on that line only?


more tries

;local $title = stringregexpreplace($str,'(?im).*?\#title\#(.+)$.*', '$1')
local $title = stringregexpreplace($str,'(?im).*?\#title\#(.+).*$', '$1')

I'm lost...

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local $title = stringregexp($str, '(?im)\#title\#(.+)', 1)

Aren't you making your life difficult?

This wonderful site allows debugging and testing regular expressions (many flavors available). An absolute must have in your bookmarks.
Another excellent RegExp tutorial. Don't forget downloading your copy of up-to-date pcretest.exe and pcregrep.exe here
RegExp tutorial: enough to get started
PCRE v8.33 regexp documentation latest available release and currently implemented in AutoIt beta.

SQLitespeed is another feature-rich premier SQLite manager (includes import/export). Well worth a try.
SQLite Expert (freeware Personal Edition or payware Pro version) is a very useful SQLite database manager.
An excellent eBook covering almost every aspect of SQLite3: a must-read for anyone doing serious work.
SQL tutorial (covers "generic" SQL, but most of it applies to SQLite as well)
A work-in-progress SQLite3 tutorial. Don't miss other LxyzTHW pages!
SQLite official website with full documentation (may be newer than the SQLite library that comes standard with AutoIt)

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Please don't care, the antislashes everywhere in #title# caused me trouble  :)

N  matches anything except newline, so in (N+).* the engine stops backreferencing at the first newline encountered and .* is the whole rest of the string

Anyway jchd is right, the new array feature allows to get the expected string immediately and it's much easier

local $title = stringregexp($str, '#title#\s*(\N+)', 1)[0]

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You can also cheat to get an empty capture on failure :

$title = stringregexp($str, '#title#(\N+)|()$', 1)[0])

I don't know if it's a good idea, but it works and can be useful sometimes.

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