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creating directories from a list.

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Hey Guys,

has been a little while since using autoit, just wanting to check im not missing something here?

Or can i not use dircreate in a way like this... have a list of names, wanting to create folders from said list.

Also tried using serverpaths didnt work :(

error: (11) : ==> Error parsing function call.:

;;creating lots o folders!
#include <Excel.au3>

$oExcel = _Excel_Open()
$wkbk = _Excel_BookOpen($oExcel,"\\fbnecl3\inzb\Documents\Content Support\Tom\Automation\Autoit Test Scripts\foldernames.xlsx")

For $i = 1 To 490 ;Loop
$location = _Excel_RangeRead($wkbk, default,"a"&$i, 1)
$name = _Excel_RangeRead($wkbk, default,"b"&$i, 1)
   dircreate("q:\Documents\HGIF\South Pac\"&$location&"\"&$name&"\"

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meh just manipulated excel so that i could just get "dircreate("&cells in excel to give file path") in a massive list so i could copy and paste into autoit then just run it like that..

Curious as to why the above didnt work though..

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I can't currently check to be sure, but I'm fairly certain you can't have a trailing backslash on a folder name.

Other than that, it could only seemingly be the values you are reading in.

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I tried it without the trailing backslash and still no dice. i had to manually od it like this (snippet below): which was easy enough to do using excel but yeah just scratching my head as to why it didnt work..

dircreate("\\fbnecl3\inzb\documents\hgif\Fiji\The Pearl South Pacific\")
dircreate("\\fbnecl3\inzb\documents\hgif\Fiji\Tropica Island Resort\")
dircreate("\\fbnecl3\inzb\documents\hgif\Fiji\Uprising Beach Resort\")
dircreate("\\fbnecl3\inzb\documents\hgif\Fiji\Viwa Island Resort\")
dircreate("\\fbnecl3\inzb\documents\hgif\Fiji\Volivoli Beach\")
dircreate("\\fbnecl3\inzb\documents\hgif\Fiji\Vomo Island Resort\")
dircreate("\\fbnecl3\inzb\documents\hgif\Fiji\Yasawa Island Resort & Spa\")

I didnt miss anything did i? lol theoretically it should of worked? if so maybe something to look into..

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not sure if you noticed this but your missing your trailing ")"

in this line - just tested and works fine...

dircreate("q:\Documents\HGIF\South Pac\"&$location&"\"&$name&"\"

you also missspelled South Park  ;)



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