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Reading line from file then matching it to a variable.

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Hello folks,
I have stopped writing anything in Autoit for more than 4 years now and am getting back into it to do some stuff for my son's lacrosse team. Any help for this forgetful old fart would be very helpful.
How do you read a line of text from a file and if it matches a set variable, copy it to a new file and repeat till end of file?
For instance lets say there is a lacrosse team and each boy has a list of equipment.
John Doe
Helmet - CascadeR
Stick - Dpole
Chest - Warrior
Bob Pham
Helmet - STX
Stick - Attack
Chest - Brine
I want to make a new file that shows just the sticks
Stick - Dpole
Stick - Attack
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Non-SRE way...

local $inFile = @scriptdir & '\lacross_team_data.txt'
local $outFile = @scriptdir & '\sticks.txt'

local $aData = stringsplit(fileread($inFile),@CRLF,3)

for $1 = 0 to UBound($aData) - 1
    if stringinstr($aData[$1],'stick') then filewrite($outfile, $aData[$1] & @CRLF)


This is the input filelacross_team_data.txt




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