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Elevated program automation via PSExec?

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I am trying to make a rather simple script that does exactly what AutoIT was originally meant to do: Automate an IT program via Send(), ControlGetText(), and so forth.
It works perfectly fine if I start a Windows 7 remote desktop session to the remote computer, and then from within the remote desktop session:
 - Open an elevated (UAC) command prompt
 - Run the program
However, for the life o' me, I simply can not get it to work when launched on a remote computer. Apparently the program I am trying to automate is being launched on the remote machine in a manner that AutoIT cannot interact with the program window.
It is exasperating that it works great if I run it from an elevated command prompt via remote desktop. I suppose I could open 400 remote desktop sessions and run it that way on each remote machine, but good lord that's not the way automation is supposed to work.
If I try to launch the program remotely, and I also have a remote desktop session open to the remote computer, I can see the program I'm trying to automate that it launches in the "All Users" Task Manager, and I have to kill the process via Task Manager when the automation fails.
I have no idea if there's anything that can be "improved" in my source code to fix this, or if the problem is with the command line parameters I'm using with PSExec, or maybe something weird about remote UAC sessions that I don't know about.
#pragma compile(Console, true)
#include <File.au3>
; CleanWipe automation script by Dale Mahalko
; Email: dmahalko@gmail.com  - Apr 9, 2015
; Free to redistribute
; Compile this into an EXE, using AutoIT:
;     https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/
; Run: ScriptName.exe \\pathto\share\for\cleanwipe
;           C:\Path\To\Temp\Dir  domain\user
;           password
; Command parameters are optional.
; You must run this script elevated, as Admin.

; Check for valid source path and files
Global $MappedDrive = False, $MDrive, $logfile
IF $CmdLine[0] > 0 Then
    $WkDir = $CmdLine[1]
    LogIt("Using working dir as source path. Otherwise" _
        & " provide source path as 1st")
    LogIt("parameter. (use quotes around path, if there" _
        & " are spaces)")
    $WkDir = @WorkingDir

IF $CmdLine[0] > 1 Then
    $tmpdir = _TempFile($CmdLine[2])
    LogIt("Using C:\Windows\Temp as temp path. Otherwise" _
        & " provide temp path as 2nd")
    LogIt("parameter. (use quotes around path, if there" _
        & " are spaces)")
    $tmpdir = _TempFile("C:\windows\temp")
LogIt("Work dir: " & $WkDir)
LogIt("Temp dir: " & $tmpdir)

IF $CmdLine[0] > 2 Then
    LogIt("Creating temporary drive mapping using " _
    & "parameters 3 and 4 for username and password.")
    $MDrive = DriveMapAdd ("*", $WkDir, 0, _
        $CmdLine[3], $CmdLine[4])
    LogIt("Mapped temp drive letter: " & $MDrive)
    LogIt("Using: " & $CmdLine[3] & " - " & $CmdLine[4])
    IF (StringLeft($MDrive,1) < "A" Or _
        StringLeft($MDrive,1) > "Z") Then
        LogIt("Error mapping drive letter.")
    $MappedDrive = True

IF Not FileExists($WkDir) Then
    LogIt("Can't find source directory.")
IF Not FileExists($WkDir & "\cleanwipe.exe") Then
    LogIt("cleanwipe.exe not in source dir." )
IF Not FileExists($WkDir & "\cleanwipe.db") Then
    LogIt("cleanwipe.db not in source dir.")

; Copy CleanWipe to temp directory on Windows PC.
$logfile = $tmpdir & "\results.log"
DirCreate ($tmpdir)
LogIt ("Copying cleanwipe files.")
FileCopy($WkDir & "\cleanwipe.exe", $tmpdir)
FileCopy($WkDir & "\cleanwipe.db", $tmpdir)

Local $Why, $What
LogIt("Launching " & $tmpdir & "\Cleanwipe.exe")
$Err = Run($tmpdir & "\Cleanwipe.exe")
If $Err = 0 THEN Die(@error)
LogIt("Waiting 60 seconds for launch")
Local $hWnd = WinWait("[TITLE:CleanWipe]", "", 60)
If $hWnd = 0 Then Die(@error)
LogIt("1st window: Click Next")
$Err = Send("{Space}")
If $Err = 0 Then Die(@error)
LogIt("2nd window: Click EULA / Next")
$Err = Send("{Space}{Tab}{Tab}{Space}")
If $Err = 0 Then Die(@error)
LogIt("3rd window: Click Client software" _
   & " / Liveupdate / Next ")
$Err = Send("{Space}{Tab}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Tab}{Space}")
If $Err = 0 Then Die(@error)
LogIt("4th window: Click don't prompt to reboot / Next")
$Err = Send("{Space}{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Space}")
If $Err = 0 Then Die(@error)
; Check for any CleanWipe error messages.
$WTitle = WinGetTitle("[ACTIVE]")
LogIt("Found output window named: " & $WTitle)
If $WTitle <> "CleanWipe" Then
    LogIt("Error message: " & ControlGetText ( _
        $WTitle, "", "[Class:Static; Instance:2]" ))
    LogIt("Closing error window, exit CleanWipe.")
    $Err = Send("{Space}")
    If $Err = 0 Then Die(@error)
    $Err = Send("{tab}{Space}")
    If $Err = 0 Then Die(@error)
    $Err = Send("{Space}")
    If $Err = 0 Then Die(@error)
    LogIt("Temp dir name left behind: " & $tmpdir)
;   Next> button is inactive during the task.
;   Wait for it to become active.
LogIt("Waiting 15 minutes for tasks to complete.")
$SleepTimer = 0
    Sleep (1000)
    $SleepTimer = $SleepTimer + 1
    IF $SleepTimer > 900 Then
        Die("Waited 900 sec, but it didn't finish.")
Until (ControlCommand("CleanWipe", '', "[ID:12324]", _
LogIt("Job results: ")
LogIt(ControlGetText ( "CleanWipe", "", _
    "[Class:RichEdit20W; Instance:1]" ) )
LogIt("GUI: Click Next" )
$Err = Send("{Tab}{Space}")
If $Err = 0 Then Die(@error)
LogIt("GUI: Click Finish" )
$Err = Send("{Space}")
If $Err = 0 Then Die(@error)
LogIt("Completed successfully." )
LogIt("Temp dir name left behind: " & $tmpdir)
If $MappedDrive = True Then
    LogIt("Removed temp drive letter: " & $MDrive)
Func Die($Why)
    LogIt("Error, code: " & $Why )
    If $MappedDrive = True Then
        LogIt("Removed temp drive letter: " & $MDrive)
Func LogIt($Who)
    If $logfile <> "" Then _FileWriteLog($logfile, $Who)
    ConsoleWrite($Who & @CRLF)


Typical successful logged output:


C:WindowsTempps_tools>cw-auto-rev5.exe "XXXXXXXXXXNetAdminStuffSEP_Clean-Wipe" "C:Windowstempps_tools"  YYYYYYYYY  ZZZZZZZZZ
Work dir: XXXXXXXXXXNetAdminStuffSEP_Clean-Wipe
Temp dir: C:Windowstempps_tools~hljlzgj.tmp
Creating temporary drive mapping using parameters 3 and 4 for username and password.
Mapped temp drive letter: Z:
Copying cleanwipe files.
Launching C:Windowstempps_tools~hljlzgj.tmpCleanwipe.exe
Waiting 60 seconds for launch
1st window: Click Next
2nd window: Click EULA / Next
3rd window: Click Client software / Liveupdate / Next
4th window: Click don't prompt to reboot / Next
Found output window named: CleanWipe
Waiting 15 minutes for tasks to complete.
Job results:
22:23:06        INFO    Initializing removal engine...
22:23:06        INFO    Engine version: 12.1.5337.5000
22:23:07        INFO    Engine initalized succesfully.
22:23:07        INFO    [1/22]: Scanning Windows Installer cache
22:23:07        INFO    [2/22]: Collecting product information
22:23:07        INFO    [3/22]: Processing collected information
22:23:07        INFO    [4/22]: Preparing to remove products
22:23:07        INFO    [5/22]: Unregistering products from Windows Installer database
22:23:07        INFO    [6/22]: Stopping LiveUpdate
22:23:07        INFO    [7/22]: Stopping and removing services
22:23:10        INFO    [8/22]: Unregistering EventLog sources
22:23:10        INFO    [9/22]: Disabling startup items
22:23:10        INFO    [10/22]: Verifying whether a reboot is required
22:23:13        INFO    [11/22]: Reboot
22:23:13        INFO    Task skipped because reboot was not required.
22:23:13        INFO    [12/22]: Stopping LiveUpdate
22:23:13        INFO    Task skipped because reboot was not required.
22:23:13        INFO    [13/22]: Removing unused definitions
22:23:13        INFO    [14/22]: Unregistering LiveUpdate content
22:23:13        INFO    [15/22]: Removing symbolic links
22:23:13        INFO    [16/22]: Removing files and directories
22:23:17        INFO    [17/22]: Unregistering applications from InstalledApps database
22:23:17        INFO    [18/22]: Uninstalling unused LiveUpdate
22:23:17        INFO    [19/22]: Searching registry for product related data
22:23:29        INFO    [20/22]: Removing registry keys
22:23:29        INFO    [21/22]: Removing Windows Firewall exceptions
22:23:30        INFO    [22/22]: Unregistering products from Windows Security Center
22:23:32        INFO    Saving state...
22:23:32        INFO    Removal completed successfully.
GUI: Click Next
GUI: Click Finish
Completed successfully.
Temp dir name left behind: C:Windowstempps_tools~hljlzgj.tmp
Removed temp drive letter: Z:


However, if I try to launch via PSExec from an elevated local command prompt, it ends up doing dumb things like this:

psexec -i -h -u YYYYYYYY -p ZZZZZZZZ FFFFFF cmd /c c:windowstempps_toolscw-auto-rev5.exe "XXXXXXXXNetAdminStuffSEP_Clean-Wipe" "C:WindowsTemp" YYYYYYYY ZZZZZZZZ
Failed PSExec remote elevated launch:



2015-04-09 21:44:29 : Copying cleanwipe files.

2015-04-09 21:44:30 : Launching C:WindowsTemp~bfwdsai.tmpCleanwipe.exe
2015-04-09 21:44:30 : Waiting 60 seconds for launch
2015-04-09 21:44:31 : 1st window: Click Next
2015-04-09 21:44:31 : 2nd window: Click EULA / Next
2015-04-09 21:44:31 : 3rd window: Click Client software / Liveupdate / Next 
2015-04-09 21:44:31 : 4th window: Click don't prompt to reboot / Next
2015-04-09 21:44:31 : Found output window named: 
2015-04-09 21:44:31 : Error message: 
2015-04-09 21:44:31 : Closing error window, exit CleanWipe.
2015-04-09 21:44:32 : Temp dir name left behind: C:WindowsTemp~bfwdsai.tmp
2015-04-09 21:44:32 : Error, code: 0
2015-04-09 21:44:32 : Removed temp drive letter: Z:


I'm specifying the network username and password twice in my PSExec command line. Once to logon remotely via PSExec and once to map a temporary network drive via my script.
I'm making this script map its own temporary network drive to the server, because it seems I usually get Access Denied errors trying to access network shares remotely via PSExec, regardless of what PSExec username password or PSExec command line options I use.


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I dug around and found this - http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/automating-symantec-cleanwipe-remove-sep-client-silently-upgradeI do not have a symantec program to test it on so youll have to try yourself. Can you reproduce the problem locally so you can debug why your script wont interact with the command window? It wouldnt suprise me if that was implemented by symantec for this program so hackers couldn't remotely uninstall protection. You could bypass this if you added an arduino board to each machine and program it to send mouse clicks and send commands as a keyboard emulator. The Arduino boards are arounf $7.00 each on ebay.

Get Scite to add a popup when you use a 3rd party UDF -> http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/docs/SciTE4AutoIt3/user-calltip-manager.html

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The script works fine elevated on my own desktop, if I go to any organizational desktop directly and run it elevated, and on a remote desktop elevated.

I think it is probably some strange interaction between PSExec and UAC. 

Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 is end of life, and our organization is going with Avast Enterprise now. Except I discovered after installing Avast that SEP11 doesn't really completely remove itself via the Programs list, and there are lurking components that only CleanWipe and SEPPrep can remove.

The SEPPrep tool does have a remote-run ability directly built into it, but it has an atom bomb approach as it removes everything including Avast, so then I would have to redo all the Avast installs again. 

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Don't think the Send() commands will work as you are running it in the "background" as service without an actual screen session when shelled with PSEXEC on a remote computer.

Either use Controlxxx() commands or preferably only commandline arguments in case the programs can run silently.


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