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Func _PixelSearchCircumference($centerX, $centerY, $radius, $color)

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This is my first edition of the function. Lots can be don from just this.

What it does it scans in a Circumference. Aka a circle around as designated.
I wanted a optimized way of pixel searching and came up with this to be the best preforming.

Local Const $180_div_pi = 180 / ACos(-1)

$it = _PixelSearchCircumference(194, 762, 160, 0xFA3C32)

Func _Angle($tX, $tY, $cX, $cY)
    $mx = $tX - $cX
    $my = $cY - $tY
    $angle = ATan($my / $mx) * $180_div_pi
    If $mx < 0 Then
        $angle = 180 + $angle
    ElseIf $mx >= 0 And $my < 0 Then
        $angle = 360 + $angle
    Return Int($angle)
EndFunc   ;==>_Angle

Func Angle($X1, $Y1, $Ang, $Length)
    Local $Return[3]
    $Return[1] = $X1 + ($Length * Cos($Ang / 180 * 3.14159265358979))
    $Return[2] = $Y1 - ($Length * Sin($Ang / 180 * 3.14159265358979))
    Return $Return
EndFunc   ;==>Angle

Func _PixelSearchCircumference($centerX, $centerY, $radius, $color)
For $i = 0 To 360 Step +1
$rod = Angle($centerX,$centerY, $angle, $radius)
$iColor = PixelGetColor($rod[1] , $rod[2])
If $iColor == $color Then
Return $rod

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A full radar system can be designed.
Scan center out at degrees then +1 degree scan out loop

Optimal designs would be scan _PixelSearchCircumference()
Followed up with scan from center out at 0, 90 , 180 ,270 degree

This would be the best preforming for a movement to keep tabs on radar.
Full pixel region scans will bog system calculations down, esp while rendering video.

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Somehow the function _Angle rings a bell for me...


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