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having trouble with Run command not executing

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attempting to call a command line zip utility ( http://stahlworks.com/dev/zip.exe) via the Run() command and not getting any output - for sanity sake i spit out the command to the console and copy paste that into the command prompt in the script dir and it runs just fine >_< any ideas?

$source = "D:\-= Audio Books =-\WoT\11 - Knife of Dreams\AlbumArtSmall.jpg"
   $destZip = @ScriptDir & "\tmp\2m5.zip"

   ; RAR can't zip on the command line >_< use zip.exe instead.....
   ; zip.exe -r mydir.zip mydir
   ; data\zip\zip.exe  -r tmp\output.zip "D:\-= Audio Books =-\WoT\11 - Knife of Dreams\AlbumArtSmall.jpg"

   $runCmd = 'data\Zip\zip.exe -r "' & $destZip & '" "' & $source & '"'

   ConsoleWrite("$runCmd: " & $runCmd & @CRLF)

   Local $iPID = Run(@ComSpec & 'data\Zip\zip.exe -r "' & $destZip & '" "' & $source & '"', @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE, $STDOUT_CHILD)

    ; Read the Stdout stream of the PID returned by Run. This can also be done in a while loop. Look at the example for StderrRead.
    ; Local $sOutput = StdoutRead($iPID)
    ; ConsoleWrite($sOutput)

   ConsoleWriteGUI("Stdout Read START:" & @CRLF)
   While 1
      $sOutput = StdoutRead($iPID)
      If @error Then ; Exit the loop if the process closes or StdoutRead returns an error.

   ConsoleWriteGUI("Stdout Read COMPLETED." & @CRLF)

   ; Wait until the process has closed using the PID returned by Run.

Console Output:

$runCmd: dataZipzip.exe -r "D:scriptsrift_fisherccdtmp2m5.zip" "D:-= Audio Books =-WoT11 - Knife of DreamsAlbumArtSmall.jpg"
Stdout Read START:
Stdout Read COMPLETED.
(in which when i call rar.exe i do get results in standard out....  and if i copy the runCmd output and paste to the command line it makes the zip just fine
Cmd Line Output:
D:scriptsrift_fisherccd>dataZipzip.exe -r "D:scriptsrift_fisherccdtmpmanual.zip" "D:-= Audio Books =-WoT11 - Knife of DreamsAlbumArtSmall.jpg"
  adding: -= Audio Books =-/WoT/11 - Knife of Dreams/AlbumArtSmall.jpg (160 bytes security) (deflated 3%)
(so i'd expect to be getting that adding line in stout) >_<
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Not 100% sure but I think the /c or /k is required right after @Comspec

I have gotten to the point where I just FileInstal() and ShellExecute() a .bat file with my commands unless its a very simple command because I often have a lot of issues with spaces and quotes.

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Use this command until you know it's working. After you can verify that it's working, you can change the /k to /c so that the command window will close after it's finished running. Then you can also change the @SW_SHOW to @SW_HIDE to keep the window hidden. Before you KNOW it's working do NOT use /c or @SW_HIDE. How are you ever going to know what the problem is if you're hiding all the error messages from yourself?

Run(@ComSpec & ' /k data\Zip\zip.exe -r "' & $destZip & '" "' & $source & '"', @ScriptDir, @SW_SHOW, $STDOUT_CHILD)

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