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Not sure where to begin, how would you do it?

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Hi Guys,


Before i start trying to write this i thought i would ask how you would do it to make it as simple as possible. I am struggling with the logic so thought i would ask first.


What i want is to read a file/ini-file/database (or something else) and retrieve a list of names in a list view with scroll bars as i expect this list to contain at least 50 items. The from the Gui i want a button to begin action, the action will read the selected name in the list view and match that to a 3 parameters in the file e.g.


Name1 | Param2 | Param3 (the name in the list view will be the first parameter - It can be duplicated if its easier).


After matching the name to the parameters it will pass the 3 parameters to another execuatable which should be easy using shellexecute.


The second executable i will tackle separately to this thread as i am pretty settled on that idea already.


Looking forward to see some ideas,


Thanks guys,


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Sounds like you have a good game plan already. :)

Depending on how you want to read this, you can always use the File functions like FileReadLine, and add the Item to the listview in a For loop (of your choosing).

For matching you can do something like StringSplit on the file to get the 3 parameters (depending on what and how you want to go about this/how these parameters are written in the file). 

Just a couple tips. ;)

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