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We had another program (Lotus Notes) as default mail client on our computers until recently. After migration to Outlook - now trying to make Outlook the Default program using

Run('control /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms')

then going into the set standard program (I guess it's called in english)

waiting for the list to update - choosing "outlook" and setting the "set as default... ???" - making all settings for outlook.... 

Sorry, I don't have access to the english version of Windows, so I'm guessing what the text is in english compared to my danish version.

So I have created this script, which actually is working

"Standardprogrammer" can be translated to "Default Programs" - the title text for that particular window.


1) I can't seem to target the area where all programs are calculated and shown by windows with any control ??

2) It takes between 1 second and 20 seconds before Windows accumulates and shows all programs in the list. I have done sleep 25 seconds, but hey, can we detect somehow that the list is complete and use that to our advantage or is the method really just to wait with the sleep command ??


Run('control /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms')
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When trying this from either a network/AD computer or local domain computer (not AD) with outlook 2013, nothing happens when typing outlook.exe /checkclient other than starting outlook normally


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