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Selecting Value from JavaScript Onchange Dropdown

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Hey everyone, I'm new to the AutoIt forums and AutoIt as well! 

Currently I am using AutoIt to perform a task for me in McAfee Email gateway. My current issue is that I need to have the script make a selection from a combobox that is in Javascript. The AutoIt Info tool does not identify the dropdown as a control so it is useless in this situation. (this defeats the use of the ControlCommand function)

I have tried the Send function and used keystrokes as well to no avail.

Basically, I need a function that will select the value "Event Log" from the menu. The HTML is provided below:

<select id="report" name="report" onchange="javascript:submit();">
    <option value="traffic_overview" selected="">Traffic Overview</option>
    <option value="traffic_tls">Traffic: TLS</option>
    <option value="threats_overview">Threats: Overview</option>
    <option value="threats_viruses">Threats: Viruses</option>
    <option value="threats_spam">Threats: Spam</option>
    <option value="threats_content">Threats: Content</option>
    <option value="threats_attachments">Threats: Attachments</option>
    <option value="tls_detail">Enforced TLS: Details</option>
    <option value="enforced_spf">Enforced SPF</option>
    <option value="enforced_dkim">Enforced DKIM</option>
    <option value="clickprotect_overview">ClickProtect: Overview</option>
    <option value="clickprotect_log">ClickProtect: Click Log</option>
    <option value="quar_release_overview">Quarantine: Release Overview</option>
    <option value="quar_release_log">Quarantine: Release Log</option>
    <option value="user_activity">User Activity</option>
    <option value="event_log">Event Log</option>
    <option value="audit_trail">Audit Trail</option>
    <option value="mta_availability">Inbound Server Connections</option>
    <option value="failsafe_overview">Disaster Recovery: Overview</option>
    <option value="failsafe_log">Disaster Recovery: Event Log</option>
Any advice is HIGHLY appreciated!!
I look forward to being a part of the AutoIt community.

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I am using IE, and I've already looked at the IE functions and tried a few but still no luck. Im looking for help narrowing down to a certain function.

So far I've tried IEGetObjectByID and the IEFormElementSetValue so far. Has anyone ever had to do this in the past?

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