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DriveGetLabel not giving the expected result?

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Says this in the helpfile

Returns Volume Label of a drive

Now the volume label i would find if i use in a cmd window with this

vol c:

gives this E649-2540 which is completly different to the DriveGetLabel result

what is the easiest way to do the vol c: within autoit or do i need to do some kind of cmd output to achieve the same result as vol c:

mine will be @scriptdir i guess as im querying the vol label of a pendrive and if it matches then it allows the gui to run to restrict the software to a set of usb pendrives and hard drives only

Any suggestions?

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You're confusing Volume Label (the name of the drive) with the Volume Serial Number. The E649-2540 is the serial number of the drive's volume, a made up number that's created when the drive is formatted. You need the DriveGetSerial if you're looking for the serial number

ConsoleWrite(DriveGetLabel("C:") & @TAB & Hex(DriveGetSerial ( "c:" )) & @CRLF)

Note the Hex function included in there.

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Hmm ok that works the problem im going to have is resolving it to a usb pendrive

I have a list of about 10 drives 2 internal hard drives 7 usb drives and 1 network drive

The hdrives and network have paths so i can c: etc 

How do i get at the serial of a usb when the file is on the usb?

@scriptdir returns 00000000

@scriptdir works when the file is on the root but returns zero when its one level down in a folder sad.png

This seems to work

reduce the path no matter where it is

ConsoleWrite( Hex(DriveGetSerial ( StringLeft(@ScriptDir,2) )) & @CRLF)

or more likely for me

Local $SerialTest = Hex(DriveGetSerial ( StringLeft(@ScriptDir,2) ))
ConsoleWrite( $SerialTest & @CRLF)
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