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Remote Gateway or PsExec.exe to txt file

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The company we have 30 computers running windows 8.1 and three lines ADSL, what I want is to change on occasion the ADSL line. After many hours searching on and on Google, I came to the solution of PsExec.exe together with netsh.

Eventually the command that I use and it works is as follows:

$sParameter = "netsh interface ip set address ethernet static"
$sComputerName = "PCE04 "
Run("C:\PSTools\PsExec.exe \\" & $sCompureName &$sParameter)

The problem is that I want to see the gate (= ADSL line) before the change.

Other so many hours searching to arrive at a method to store ipconfig in a txt file.
While locally works fine, when I want to run the
ipconfig for the client does not work!
If you do the command
PsExec.exe \\[ComputerName] ipconfig > C:\Pcip.ini copying the command prompt of windows 8.1 works perfectly, just to embed in autoit not create the file.

$sComputerName = "PCE04 "

$res = RunWait(@ComSpec & "PsExec.exe \\" & $sComputerName & "ipconfig > C:\PcIP.ini", "", @SW_HIDE)
If $res = 0 Then
    $Output = FileRead("C:\PcIP.ini")
    MsgBox(0, "CMD Output", $Output)


  1. Is there any other way to get a variable with a gateway of client?
  2. Is there a way to export the data to PsExec.exe \\ ComputerName ipconfig in a txt file to copy from there the gate?

I hope to help.

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I had the same issue, in same envoirment after migrating from XP to win8.1, was easy in XP. I must go eat now bot could help you with my solution, when came back.

...the way is powershell....


My english shucks, i know it.

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Finally I found a solutionis to enable the Remote Registry service of windows 8 at client (Launch services.msc, and then the Remote Registry).
After with a RegRead () can read information that you want, remotely.
Tried and RegWrite () but while changing the values in the registry does not correctly update the network adapter. I think this is an issue of windows 8 and requires an in-depth investigation.

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