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How to tell a UI to refresh from another script

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I have a script (Script 1) that schedules tasks to the Task Scheduler. It has no UI. (It runs when the Task Scheduler tells it to run.)

I have another script (Script 2) that has a UI that reads task info from the Task Scheduler. It shows task info in a ListView

If Script 2 is running, when Script 1 schedules a task, I want Script 2 to update the ListView.

How do I do this?

I have got as far as:

  1. Use the message queue
  2. PostMessage might post a message
  3. This message would need a non-system message, i.e.to be greater than WM_USER
  4. MSDN says that for non-system messages, I must do custom marshalling. I don't know what custom marshalling is.
  5. Script 2 uses a message loop. Will GetMsg() receive the message?

Am I on the right track? Is there an easy way? Is there anything on the forums that would help?



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