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Would anyone know of any methods to aquire the full printer/port name of a tcp/ip network printer connection?

Example of what I will need returned: Zebra170Xi III on IP_XXX.XXX.XXX.XX

I have a printing application that when is placed on a new computer, I need to enter the full printer name into a file. I'd like it so that the program finds what printers are available, and does this on its own. Using the registry will give the printer name, while C:\windows\system32>CSCRIPT PRNPORT.VBS -l will return the TCP ports. I have found no way to link those every time with no chance of error. Is there a list created by windows somewhere I could use? Or another method to get these results?

Does that even make sense?`

INI TreeViewA bus station is where a bus stops, a train station is where a train stops. Onmy desk I have a work station...
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Hmm, i understand your question and what you need, but i think it's not possible to do this in autoit so easily B) ..

I guess it is possible with the TCP/IP functions, but you would need to find out how you search for printers and how they respond....

If i find something i will tell you

Felix N. (tdlrali)

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