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Application stealing focus

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Hi everyone,

Medium term user, first time poster, love this language but I've finally found a problem which may have me stumped.

I have a java program which, when performing its functions, steals keyboard focus back. What I want is a way to disable this focus stealing while its minimized, but allow it to be opened and usable if clicked or alt-tabbed. Below is what I have so far:


if $new <> "" and $new <> $old Then $old = $new

    Switch $wParam
            MsgPrint("Window activated: " & $lParam & " (" & WinGetTitle($lParam) & ")")
            $new = WinGetTitle($lParam)

    $windowArray[0] = $old
    $windowArray[1] = $new

    if $new = 'MY_APP' and $old <> 'MY_APP' then WinActivate($old)

    What I have here nearly does the job as I would like. When MY_APP is the new app requesting focus, but another application has it, it cannot get it back.

However, I can no longer alt-tab or click the icon to bring it up, as the IF statement just activates the previous application again. I have tried many things, but have yet not found a solution which fill all the boxes.

Anyone got any idea? 
I was thinking of possibly ignoring the if statement if the user clicks an icon or uses ALT-TAB, but I can't work out a decent way to do this, and it doesn't seem very elegant.

tl;dr - Need a way to stop an app stealing focus on its own, but can be given focus whenever the user requires.



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