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How to open any html file within a folder

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How would I open any html file that is in a folder.  The folder would have only one html file but the file name will be different every time. Here is what I am using but it does not like the wildcard.

#include <ie.au3>

$sFile = "C:/temp/*.html
$sURL = "file:///" & $sFile

How do you get it to open any html file?

Thank you

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Hi, xcaliber13. Look at _FileListToArray in the help file. Read the contents of the folder into your array to get the filename, then use that in your script.

Edit: something like this to get you started

#include <File.au3>

$aTemp = _FileListToArray(@DesktopDir & "\Test", "*.htm", $FLTA_FILES)

    If IsArray($aTemp) Then
        If $aTemp[0] > 1 Then
            ConsoleWrite("More than one HTML file found!" & @CRLF)
            ConsoleWrite($aTemp[1] & " found." & @CRLF)


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