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how plot a circle in Array?

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Hi, this is for a math experts!

If you have an array[64][64] empty (the size is hiphotetics..., can be any size)

All position is initialy empty or zero.

How to plot this circles in this array (center is a red dot).


a] plot a full circle in array
b] plot a half circle in array
c] plot a inclinade half circle

Someone have any idea?

#include <Array.au3>

Global $iSize = 32
Global $aArray[$iSize][$iSize]
Global $aCenter[2] = [Floor($iSize / 2), Floor($iSize / 2)]

plot_circle($aCenter[0], $aCenter[1], $aCenter[0])


Func plot_circle($iXX, $iYY, $iRadius, $iMode = 0)
    Switch $iMode
        Case 0 ; full circle
        Case 1 ; half circle
        Case 2 ; inclinade half circle

EndFunc   ;==>plot_circle

Br, Luigi

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Why on hell do you want to "draw" into an array?

Anyhow, here we go:

#include <Array.au3>

Global Const $fPi = ACos(-1), $fD2R = $fPi / 180
Global $aGfxArray[21][21]

DrawEllipseToArray($aGfxArray, 10) ;full ellipse
_ArrayDisplay($aGfxArray, "full ellipse")

Global $aGfxArray[21][21]
DrawEllipseToArray($aGfxArray, 10, 90, 270) ;half ellipse
_ArrayDisplay($aGfxArray, "half ellipse")

Global $aGfxArray[21][21]
DrawEllipseToArray($aGfxArray, 10, 90 - 45, 270 - 45) ;inclinade half ellipse
_ArrayDisplay($aGfxArray, "inclinade half ellipse")

Func DrawEllipseToArray(ByRef $aArray, $iRadius, $iStartAngle = 0, $iEndRadius = 359, $iColor = 0xFF00FF00, $iColor_Center = 0xFFFF0000)
    Local $d, $iW2 = Int(UBound($aArray, 2) / 2), $iH2 = Int(UBound($aArray, 1) / 2), $iX, $iY
    For $d = $iStartAngle To $iEndRadius
        $iX = Round($iW2 + Sin($d * $fD2R) * $iRadius, 0)
        $iY = Round($iH2 + Cos($d * $fD2R) * $iRadius, 0)
        $aArray[$iY][$iX] = $iColor
    $aArray[$iH2][$iW2] = $iColor_Center


Pay attention to the function DrawEllipseToArray - it has no error checks!

Edited by UEZ

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