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Problem with ControlGetHandle

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I'm having problems getting a control handle from a form, and hoping for some advice.  I would definitely call myself a newbie to AutoIt, but can't figure this out!  I am using v3.1.1 of AutoIT (The newer versions are picked up as a virus! so I am restricted to the older versions for now)

Local $hWnd = WinGetHandle("Setup")
Local $hCtrl = ControlGetHandle($hWnd,"",8)

The AutoIt Windows Info shows


Instance: 6



Text:&Next >


If I add Message boxes I get a handle for the Window, but not for the control.  I have tried various other variations with ControlGetHandle to make this work, Such as

Local $hCtrl = ControlGetHandle($hWnd,"","[CLASS:ThunderRT6CommandButton; ID:8]")
Local $hCtrl = ControlGetHandle($hWnd,"","[CLASS:ThunderRT6CommandButton; INSTANCE:6]")
Local $hCtrl = ControlGetHandle($hWnd,"","[CLASSNN:ThunderRT6CommandButton6]")

To get past this particular setup page, I just used ControlSend to send Alt+N, but I have lot's of other pages in this setup where I need to be able to interact with the controls.  Can anybody help?

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