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Crystal Reports formula error

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EDIT:  Just realized I posted in the wrong section.  Can a moderator move this, please?

Hello.  I've search the forums and internet many times and can't find a solution to my problem.  I started on a UDF to use Crystal Reports and want to be able to export a report multiple times during one run.  The problem lies in the record selection command.  It will work the first time, but randomly fails after that.  The error I get states "Basic syntax is not supported on a record or group selection formula".  The issue is i'm not using basic syntax and my formula doesn't change, just the string within the quotes.  The report will still export, but if the record selection fails then it will use the string saved in the report and not the one I tried to pass.  Below is the main program and I attached two of the include files.  I've considered using a parameter instead, but none of the code I've found online works when I try to pass a parameter.


Global $vSaveFilePath = "C:\Users\public\desktop\test", _
        $vReportFilePath = "C:\Program Files\Chameleon Software\Chameleon\Crystal", _
        $aReportFileName = ["MedHist.rpt","Receipt.rpt","Vacc_Cert.rpt"], _


Func _Run()
    Local $aData = _DataQuery("query string")
    If Not IsArray($aData) Then Exit MsgBox(0,"","Returned no records")

    For $x = 1 To UBound($aData) - 1

        $aSelect[0] = "{KENNEL.IMPOUND_NO} = """ & $aData[$x][4] & """"
        $aSelect[1] = "{RECEIPT.RECEIPT_NO} = """ & $aData[$x][5] & """"
        $aSelect[2] = "{V_Rabies_Vac.tag_no} = """ & $aData[$x][6] & """"

        For $y = 0 To 2
            ConsoleWrite($aSelect[$y] & @CRLF)
            If $aData[$x][$y + 4] <> "" Then _CrystalReportsExport($vReportFilePath & "\" & $aReportFileName[$y],"username","password", $aSelect[$y], $vSaveFilePath & "\" & $aData[$x][3] & "." & StringTrimRight($aReportFileName[$y],4) & "." & $aData[$x][4] & ".pdf")






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