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RunWait Using Registry Files

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Hi all,


I have a section in my script 

RunWait("REGEDIT /S C:\dev\Playground\Portus\Notes\ISISParameters.reg")
GUICtrlSetData($statusList,"ISISParameters Registry Values Set")
RunWait("REGEDIT /S C:\dev\Playground\Portus\Notes\FrameworkLocators.reg")
GUICtrlSetData($statusList,"FrameworkLocators Registry Values Set")

I need to update registry files according to a pre-existing .reg file. I do not own, or have authorship over this .reg files. The goal is to be able to switch registry files, depending on a selection by a user. The desired registry files will live on a share drive, where according to the user selection, I will copy from the shared drive, to the local workstation. 


The first RunWait is working, and registry updating as expected.

However the second is not working. And Im not sure why. Full code is attached.


Thanks for reading


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"not working" doesn't help us a whole lot, especially since we have no idea what is in the registry file. Have you tried running it from a command line, and seeing what the response is?

Run(@ComSpec & " /k " & 'REGEDIT /S "C:\dev\Playground\Portus\Notes\FrameworkLocators.reg"')

Also, have you tried adding #RequireAdmin at the top of the script?


Edit: Fixed my fat-fingering, thanks Jos

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