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Problems with object scroll only after compile

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Need some help please. I'm using windows 8.1 pro, the latest autoit. When I run my through scite, everything runs fine, when I run my app compiled the controls of the wmp object show even though I have them programmed not to show. Any idea why this only happens compiled. I made two changes to my system prior to this, changed to an SSD HD, and changed from win7 to win8.1, it never happened on my old system. And it is barebones. Any ideas? Thanks.

image attached.


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Its 20,000 lines, but Here is the portion that the visualization is created.

$MEDIA_PLAYER_ARRAY[18] = GUICtrlCreateObj($OIE_AD2, 0, 0, $MVWidth, $MVHeight-95)
        GUICtrlSetColor(-1, 0x000000)
        GUICtrlSetBkColor(-1, 0x000000)
        _IENavigate($OIE_AD2, "about:blank", 1)
        _IELoadWait($OIE_AD2, 180, 4000)
            $ODOC_AD2 = $OIE_AD2.document
        Until IsObj($ODOC_AD2)
        $OBODY_AD2 = $ODOC_AD2.body
        $OBODY_AD2.scroll = "no"
        $OBODY_ADSTYLE2 = $OBODY_AD2.style
        With $OBODY_ADSTYLE2
            .margin = "0px"
            .border = "0px"
            .padding = "0px"
            .backgroundcolor = "#ff0000"

        $OPLAYER1 = $ODOC_AD2.createElement("OBJECT")
        With $OPLAYER1
            .style.width = $MVWidth

            .style.height = $MVHeight-20
            .style.background = "#000000"
            .classid = "CLSID:6BF52A52-394A-11d3-B153-00C04F79FAA6"
            .uiMode = "none"
            ;.showstatusbar = "false"
            ;.showdisplay = "false"
            .settings.setMode("loop", "false")
            .settings.autostart = True


Something tells me tells me its some obscure setting in windows interacting with the exe. But I don't know. I don't want to go back to win7 because of this.

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It turns out it is not the uimode hiding being the issue (although it is not working, and I've actually seen other people on the net with the uimode problem) but actually the "scroll = no" not working. How do I know? I took the compiled script to another computer that wasn't showing the control with win8.1 and commented out the "scroll = no" and the scroll bars popped up, and I could see the control at the bottom even though I still had "uimode = none". So, it seems the scroll bar code is just not working on one computer and the control hide isn't working period. So I need to figure out why the "scroll = no" portion of the code won't work while compiled on one computer. Any ideas? I don't know how to begin to google for something like this.

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Fixed it...somewhat. The "scroll = no" and "uimode = none" still doesn't work, so I added "overflow = hidden" right before the "margin = 0px". So that basically has hidden the control and gotten rid of my scroll bars. However the issue still remains as to:

A/ Why can't the control be hidden with uimode = none? (although I think this is beyond an autoit issue)

B/ Why does "scroll = no" stop working in my app once compiled but works perfectly fine through scite?

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