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Problem with changing car position in 2D game.

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I'm trying to make simple game in autoit. But I found one problem what I can't solve.

I load a 2D map, but I can't change position of cars. Probably problem is in funcion what changing cars positon, becouse new car position is load for small moment and next disappears. If i want to keep new place of car I must put command in loop, but if i did it script stay in loop and i cant do anythig. 

I found resolution but i think its not good, I can load map (250 pictures) in all loop runs.

Is there a better solution?

Firstly im trying to load all combinations of map but i cant load more than ~10000 pictures

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Very odd error,

Error : couldn't open input file: D:\Programming\Current Versions\AutoIt\Examine\czolgi\Server.au3

the file is not compressed I don't know what I am doing.  Sorry.  :(

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I found problem, all cars was hide under the map :P  (i found problem when i trying to edit code descriptions to english to you and i forget to put map.jpg in folder, so u helped me :D

thank to try to help

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