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Creating and editing a registry entry and Permissions

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I am trying to create anti-procrastination software, basically by utilizing the DisallowRun parameter in the Group Policy. I am adding registry values into the register to add the programs I want disallowed through the restricted.txt file (each line in the file is a program I want to disallow)

So, this is what I have so far and it does work, but There was a time that it didn't, and the only reason is because of permissions.

;Anti-Procrastinator V0.1

;Checks version of windows, if 32x or 64x
Dim $registryKey
If @OSType = "WIN32_NT" Then
   $registryKey = "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer"

Dim $restrictionFile


Func startup()
   RegWrite($registryKey, "DisallowRun", "REG_DWORD", 1)
   $registryKey &= "\DisallowRun"

;Adds programs in Restricted.txt into the registry
Func addToReg()
   $restrictionFile = FileOpen("Restricted.txt")
   Dim $str = FileReadLine($restrictionFile), $count = 1
   While Not @error
      While $str <> ""
         RegWrite($registryKey, ""&$count, "REG_SZ", $str)
         $str = FileReadLine($restrictionFile)
         $count += 1


What I had to do, to get this working, is go into the registry and manually set the Explorer folders permissions to full access for my account. If I use #REQUIREADMIN it will work (assuming that access is given, but I don't want to ask for admin privileges, well, unless I can brute force a yes). I have also noticed in other posts, it doesn't mention you need to change permissions, something I had to piece together myself!

So, what I want to know, is how to I get the permissions to be full control to me, without having to manually set them. Or be able to brute force admin rights (which I don't think is possible)

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you will need to set the permission at least once (assuming nothing reverts the permissions to default). you can accomplish this with the ACL UDF here: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/134508-set-acl-permissions-udf/

that will require elevation once at first run, but unless you are domain admin, i see no way to overcome this (and actually i think there shouldn't be one).

b.t.w you should have noticed it, along with several other related topics, in the forum search.

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