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how to make in Form Browser

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If my first answer wasn't enough here is another thread with an example of an Embedded IE Browser within a GUI

You would just have to change this:

$oIE.document.write("<html><head></head>" & _
"<body style='border:0;margin:0px'><button id='macro2'>MACRO 2</button>" & _
"<br>lorem ipsum<br><br>lorem ipsum<br><br>lorem ipsum<br><br>lorem ipsum<br><br>lorem ipsum<br></body></html>")

to :

;Navigate not within while!

;            Within While
Case $SomeButton
$InputRead = GuictrlRead($AnyInput)

But at all i'm not sure if you also could do it within.. of sure you could but it wouldn't make sense to let a website every little millisecond loading^^

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