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Simple clicking script not working

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Hi friends,

I have a simple script which has to click a image button linked to JavaScript , which is not working. 

My script is as under:

#Include <FF.au3>

If _FFConnect(Default, Default, 3000) Then


        Sleep(Random(10000, 15000, 1))

    $sObj = _FFXpath("//a[@action-type='fl_like']","",9) ; get the image with the alt-text test_bild_3 ...
    _FFClick($sObj) ; ... and click on it

    MsgBox(0,"Error:", "Can't connect to FireFox!")

The actual code of the website is as under:



    <a class="S_txt2" suda-uatrack="key=profile_feed&value=like" title="赞" action-data="version=mini&qid=heart&mid=3865062454367600&loc=profile" action-type="fl_like" href="javascript:void(0);">
        <span class="pos">
            <span class="line S_line1">
                <span node-type="like_status">
                    <i class="W_icon icon_praised_b"></i>
    <span class="arrow"></span>



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